Website and E-commerce Processes and Systems


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Class start date

July 15, 2024

Class end date

July 26, 2024


12 days

Daily Course Time

10:00am - 11:30am (MST)

Course age group

10-16 years

Certificate of completion

yes yes

Program Detail


  • Free Wordpress premium themes
  • Chance to showcase your projects
  • Free access to a website
  • Certificate of Achievement

Since kids in this age group are well-versed in terms of their technical know-how, this program includes learning more lessons that immerse them in the creative process of setting up their e-commerce business. 

Class Start Time: 10 am MST

Delivery: Live Virtual

Duration: 90 mins

What you'll learn

Tech skills

  • Setting up your store environment
  • Establish branding
  • Setting up your hosting
  • Introduction to Themes
  • Introduction to Plugins
  • Setup WooCommerce and payment systems 
  • AND Other Bonus Features

Web Design

  • How to design various web pages 
  • Creating contents for you online store
  • Installing sections for Home, about us, contact information and then blog sections
  • Demonstrating basic user experience
  • Creating sections and using canva 


  • Designing and installing Online Store Components to communicate and Build Trust
  • Develop Branding and Design 
  • Installing Categories and search Function
  • Learning how to add products to product pages 
  • Setting up the shopping cart
  • Installing the checkout section

The FUN Part includes learning how to write Html and custom codes in WordPress.

Project Completion

Includes a whole week of hands-on application in Tech Setup, Web design, and e-commerce.

Kelvin Edewor

Kelvin Edewor

Kelvin Edewor is an accomplished and enthusiastic facilitator who specializes in teaching design and web development to young learners. With a focus on nurturing creativity and providing a fun learning experience, Kevin is a perfect fit for the Junior Summer Camp for kids aged 8-17.

With his extensive background in IT support and project management, Kevin has a deep understanding of technology and its applications. His ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and engaging manner makes him a favorite among young students.

Kevin's expertise extends beyond technical skills. His strong leadership and communication abilities enable him to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment where every child can thrive. With his guidance, campers will gain hands-on experience in designing and developing websites while exploring their own unique ideas.

Passionate about empowering young minds, Kevin fosters a love for learning and helps students develop critical problem-solving skills. With Kevin as their facilitator, participants in the Junior Summer Camp will embark on an exciting journey of discovery and creativity, unlocking their full potential in design and web development.